We met Dr. Becky Spelman who shared with us the best ways to take control of our cravings and change our snacking behaviour for good.
Women's Health Magazine , London
Irish doctor made television history by helping people overcome phobias. Dr Becky Spelman treated 60 people in a new Sky 1 show Fright Club – by getting them to face their deepest fears to help them find things less frightening.
Irish mirror, Ireland
Hayley is referred to psychologist Dr Becky Spelman to discuss stress management. When she sees Dr Dawn again Hayley tells her that the unusual problem has not happened since she started following the advice the psychologist.
Embarrassing Bodies - Channel 4 , London
My Panic attacks completed stopped after only 4 sessions, 6 sessions and therapy was complete.
LM, London
I liked how we specifically saw a treatment goal through from start to finish
JT, London
I feel so much happier now that I understand the route of my problems and how to deal with my emotions and relationships better, I am feeling more confident in social situations and am able to be more assertive, Rebecca I can't thank you enough.
Jane, United Kingdom
A very active form of therapy that works.
JD, London
I loved the structured approach to Rebecca's treatment
TM, London
Before my sessions with Rebecca I had been living with some demobilising thoughts and feelings of jelousy, low self esteem and trust issues. Within 5 sessions I turned a massive corner and was able to subconciously apply the logic and techniques which been life changing in my relationship, career and in achieving my aspirations. Both Rebecca and her approach are amazing, she is extreamly knowledgeable and had remembered all of my personal situations and issues every time we met. Thank you
RL, London
Rebecca was friendly, understanding and really helped me cope alot better with my OCD
TT, London
Thanks you Rebecca I can't believe you managed to cure my needle phobia in only one session. I am happy I can manage my diabetes now.
AT, London, United Kingdom
I came for some social/sexual issues/blocks and after 6/7 sessions I saw that they were solved. I'm very happy with my choice and very greatfull to Rebecca.
JPG, London
I didn't understand depression before I had telephone sessions with Dr. Spelman, she shared lots of really useful information with me and used a scientific approach to treatment. I started to learn how to break out of my difficulties and took away information that I feel will help me for life.
RRM, Oxford


Testimonial from Depression Client – Stephen


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