Dr. Becky Spelman is experienced in working as a Psychologist in the media and regularly participates in advise & commentary for TV, Radio and Printed press.


Media Experience:

PR Campaigns

As a Media Psychologist Dr. Becky has been commissioned by several top PR agencies working on campaigns for major brands acting as a spokesperson for radio, TV and print media.

Dr Becky has designed and carried out research studies for companies, analysing and reporting her studies findings and discussing these findings in media interviews. She has experience designing psychological questionnaires, writing articles and commentary for online and print media. She is particularly experienced in  TV and radio which allows great media coverage in a whole range of  formats.

Dr Becky is also available for consultancy guiding corporate clients in applying psychological understanding to markets, audiences and customer bases. She provided advise on branding, advertising and product development, customer relations and market research. Dr Becky has led brainstorming and creative sessions and helped advertising executives get inside the minds of their customers.

Over the years, DR Becky has worked as a psychological spokesperson for many well-known and international brands including: Spotify, Skyscanner, germeister and We-Vibe.

PR Agencies Include:

  • M&C Saatchi PR
  • Stature
  • JPW Communications
  • Way To Blue
  • Clarion Communications

  and many others.

Television, Radio & Video

  • 2014 HelpStopME: In Production
  • 2013 Spotify: Tunes for the nervous flyer – Radio  interviews in UK, Germany, USA & Australia
  • 2013 Spotify: Tunes for the nervous flyer – TV interviews in Germany
  • 2013 Yahoo News -“Why are fewer teenagers drinking, smoking and taking drugs?” – Psychologist Comments
  • 2012 Channel 5 News The Psychological effects of airbrushed images on young people TV Psychologist
  • 2012 Embarrassing bodies Treating Rhythmic movement sleep disorder- TV Psychologist
  • 2011 Big Brothers Bit on the Side, Channel 5 Dating Expert
  • 2011 The Lovers Guide, Body in Balance TV – Sex Expert.
  • 2010 Ray Arcy Show, Today FM, live radio interview – Dating Expert

Newspaper & Magazine

  • 2014 We-Vibe: “Relationships” – Relationship Expert Press comments.
  • 2013 Skyscanner: “Calling time on reclined airline seats” -Radio and press interviews, Worldwide media.
  • 2013 germeister “How your name can change the way you’re seen by your friends” – Press Comments
  • 2013 Spotify: Tunes for the nervous flyer – Press interviews in UK, Germany, USA & Australia
  • 2013 Now Magazine: Why tan-mad Katie Price could be ‘addicted’ to sunbeds – Psychologist Comments
  • 2012 More Magazine: Looking after your friendships despite being in a relationship – Psychologist Comments
  • 2012 FHM Sex Tip for me Sex Expert
  • 2012 Top Sante Magazine How to help men look after their health Psychologist comments
  • 2012 Real People Magazine Psychologist comments on case in the media
  • 2011 Men’s Health The effects of being more tactile with the opposite sex Psychologist comments.
  • 2011 AOL Lifestyle What makes a successful relationship Psychologist comments.
  • 2011 The Independent I love you (just not the way you are) Psychologist comments.
  • 2011 Bliss Magazine Girls Bullying Boys – Psychologist comments.