Immigration Cases

Dr. Becky Spelman
Asylum/Immigration Expert Witness Psychologist

How a Psychological assessment
may help an Immigration Case.


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Asylum and immigration matters can be complex and I am often instructed to provide a psychological assessment for an individual seeking asylum. As an Expert Witness Psychologist I able to provide psychological assessments and Medico Legal reports on immigration cases including asylum, residency, British citizenship and deportation.

I am an experienced Expert Witness Psychologists who is able to provide a psychological assessment that can assist you in identifying a wide variety of issues such as:

• Assessments of IQ/Mental capacity, including where English is not the first language
• Assessments of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to mental or physical abuse and torture
• Assessment related to the impact of deportation
• Risk assessments
• Providing a psychological diagnosis
• Access both short and long term effects of detention on your client’s mental/physical health
• Determine future treatment needs and prognosis of treatment
• Access and report on character, moral fitness, and emotional stability

Specifically, immigration lawyers often refer clients because they have these type of questions:
1. Does my client have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
2. Are there symptoms to substantiate mistreatment or torture in order to support an application for political asylum?
3. Was my client the victim of domestic violence by a UK settled person?
4. What is my client’s diagnosis?

As a registered psychologist, I can help you with your immigration cases. In cases involving issues of immigration, you will need to establish reasons why a waiver for exclusion, deportation and removal should be granted by the Home Office. This can include documenting why the applicant has a well founded fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or due to their membership of a particular social group. The assessment can also document why the applicant should be exempted from the English language requirement due to a permanent learning disability. As a registered psychologist, I can carry out an assessment that will include psychological testing and may support your case. My assessment for immigration lawyers include a clinical interview that will examine the defendant’s psychosocial history, including any past psychological treatment, or existing psychological disorders.

I can provide you with a detailed psychological report. My services are comprehensive and cost-effective. You will get timely written reports, and I can be available for expert testimony.

When an immigration case is complicated by a psychological issues, I can provide psychological testing to evaluate the presence of any psychological disorder, psychopathy, malingering, cognitive/learning disability, or personality characteristics that may have mediated rational decision making or interfered with judgment or perception.

As an Expert Witness Psychologists I am able to meet tight deadlines and have experience working with translators. I have undergone Expert witness training with Bond Solon legal training consultancy.

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