How can you help me?

Working as a fully qualified Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist and EMDR therapist my training and experience allows me to create therapy according to what the individuals brings on a session by session basis, allowing clients to experience customised treatment, therefore matching each of their concerns by using one or more theories. My objective is to give the client techniques, information and strategies that they can continue to use once treatment is complete. I offer an environment where people can explore their difficulties and personal change goals without judgement.

What will I get out of the initial assessment?

In the initial session we look at what might be the underlying cause for your difficulty but further sessions usually work in the here and now making links between thoughts, emotions and behaviour, drawing up a cycle of what is maintaining the difficulty. When we know whats keeping your problem going we get a good idea what approaches to use to break the cycle. I do a lot of thought and believe work with clients teaching them how to challenging their unhelpful thoughts and changing any unhelpful behaviour which then changes the emotions related to the difficulty.

You should go away from the initial session with a clearer picture of what is keeping you problem going and information about what the approaches we will to help create change. The initial meeting is an opportunity for you to assess me as a therapist as well as for me to assess your difficulty and the best way to go about treating your problem. The treatment I use holds a great evidence base and gets great results.

Are my sessions confidential?

Dr. Rebecca Spelman Client contract including her confidentiality policy can be found here on her Company website

What is your cancellation policy?

48 hours notice is required if you wish to cancel or reschedule sessions otherwise the full fee will be charged.

Do you work weekends and evenings?

Yes I work flexible hours to make Psychological therapy as accessible as possible for people.
Often people will contact me with questions related to sexual problems as this is one of the areas I specialise in.

What is Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)

This is a type of therapy I offer which can help you with memories from the past that still bring up negative emotions when you think about them now. It can be particularly helpful for you if you have experienced trauma but it is also helpful for any other negative experiences you have had because as humans we all have events that haven’t been completely processed and are therefore holding us back in the here and now. Using EMDR I can help you process memories which will allow you to feel ok about an event or incident despite it being a negative experience. EMDR will help you form more adaptive views about the event which helps you feel better about it. The therapy works by facilitating bilateral stimulation of the left and right hemisphere of the brain while you focuses on the memory. Although the therapy is called Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing, the processing can be achieved by either getting you to do a particular set of eye movements, by tapping or listening to sounds.