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How His Relationship With His Mum Could Spell The End Of Yours

Happy senior mother and daughter portrait
This week I have been asked by three different friends about their boyfriends’ relationship with their respective mothers. What was interesting was that each had a different issue about it, with each providing a different impact upon their relationships. The one common ground between them all was that their maternal relationships were putting intense pressure Continue Reading

The Duchess of Cambridge Is Right – Young Minds Really Do Matter

There are some moments in our society that we look back on and realise the world really did change a bit that day. When Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge took on the Editorship of the Huffington Post last week, that’s what happened for our society’s collective understanding of mental health issues, particularly in children. Continue Reading

How to Spot Signs Your Partner May Be a Cheater

Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl
Around Valentine’s Day, no-one wants to think their partner may be thinking of someone else. However, research suggests that modern monogamous relationships have never been more likely to see one or both partners stray from home, with some statistics showing over 50% of people are likely to commit at least one act of infidelity in Continue Reading

Understanding Sexual Fetishes

Accessoires for fetish role playing: mask in venetian style, leather whip, collar with rhinestones and platform high heels with rhinestones;
Thanks to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomena, last year saw the fetish scene sail as close to the mainstream as it has ever done, with the series’ first movie the eleventh most popular global film, and EL James’s re-telling of her first novel, Grey, becoming the fastest selling adult title of all time. The Continue Reading