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“Before my sessions with Rebecca I had been living with some demobilising thoughts and feelings of jelousy, low self esteem and trust issues. Within 5 sessions I turned a massive corner and was able to subconciously apply the logic and techniques which been life changing in my relationship, career and in achieving my aspirations. Both Rebecca and her approach are amazing, she is extreamly knowledgeable and had remembered all of my personal situations and issues every time we met. Thank you!” RL, London

"I didn't understand depression before I had telephone sessions with Dr. Spelman, she shared lots of really useful information with me and used a scientific approach to treatment. I started to learn how to break out of my difficulties and took away information that I feel will help me for life.” RRM, Oxford

“My Panic attacks completed stopped after only 4 sessions, 6 sessions and therapy was complete” LM, London

"I feel so much happier now that I understand the route of my problems and how to deal with my emotions and relationships better, I am feeling more confident in social situations and am able to be more assertive, Rebecca I can't thank you enough."
Jane, United Kingdom

Welcome to Dr. Becky’s website!

Hi I’m Dr. Becky Spelman, I am UK Registered Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist originally from Ireland. I started studying Psychology when I was 18 and didn’t stop studying for 8 and a half years. All together obtaining, a Doctorate, two Postgraduate Diplomas and an Undergraduate degree.

During my studies on my Doctorate program in the North East of England I worked in Drug and Alcohol addiction for 3 years training in many different types of psychotherapy. Upon finishing my Doctorate I wanted to find a therapy that was really effective in treating people’s difficulties and therefore I went on to specialize in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, an evidenced based therapy that gets great results. During this time I spent a year and a half working for the NHS mainly treating depression and anxiety related disorders such as phobias, panic attacks and Post traumatic disorder but my work also included working with eating disorders, body dysphonic disorder, self esteem issues and many other difficulties that people are commonly affected by.

I have worked in Private Practice the City of London for over a year now treating a whole range of issues, I see people with problems related to any area of their life. Since working in private practice I have treated many clients with sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, orgasm dysfunction and vaginismus as I find that the Cognitive Behavioural approach gets great results for difficulties such as these.

I am the clinical director of my own company in the City of London where I have a number of associate therapists working for me. When I am not treating clients in the clinic I spend the rest of my working week doing expert witness report writing work for the courts or commenting on areas of Psychology in the Media. I particularly enjoy being involved in media work as it takes results that as usually achieved behind closed doors and shares it with the public.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a typical Psychologist as I like to use a lot of practical approaches in my work, often taking the work I do outside of the therapy room and in to real life where I can really make changes. It wouldn’t be uncommon for me to go on the tube with someone who has a fear of public transport or go into the home of someone who has Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour so I can really help them address the difficulties they experience on a day to day basis. The passion and enthusiasm I bring to my work really helps me build rapport with my clients and my determination allows me to get great results. If an approach I’m usually isn’t working I’m very creative in my thinking in order to tailor the approach in a way that is likely to get the results the persons want in achieving change in their life.

When I’m not at work I love to travel and have a keen interest in adrenaline sports such as sky driving, rock climbing and bungee jumping, I also love exercise and fitness.

My Credentials

I am an experienced professional dedicated to providing the highest standards of service and upholding best practise in my area of expertise. I have years of experience in leading institutions including: Private practices, NHS and Charities. I qualified to an exceptional standard and registered and accredited to the leading professional organisation, governing body and societies within my areas of practice.

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